4k camera fort lauderdale fl

Do Your Clients Need a Clearer Image?

Provide excellent image quality for your Hollywood, Pompano Beach & Fort Lauderdale, FL clients with 4K cameras

When your clients need to see every detail in their security camera footage, you need powerful cameras. You can find 4K cameras at IDS CCTV WHOLESALE in Hollywood, Pompano Beach & Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our 4K cameras from Hikvision and Dahua have two key advantages. These security cameras have a high pixel count and also use special image sensors with better low-light sensitivity.

What does that mean for your customers?

You know which kinds of security cameras work best with certain security systems, but do your customers? They most likely don’t know the differences between all of the cameras on the market.

Your customers will like 4K cameras because of their:

  • Customizability: They can record 24/7, when cameras sense motion or on a schedule.
  • Zoom-in function: They can zoom in without losing detail or visibility.
  • Crisp images: They capture faces, license plates and other identifying features clearly.
  • Low-light sensitivity: They work well in dim light or moonlight.


You can be confident that your clients will appreciate 4K cameras. To see the products you can offer, visit our store today.